Executive Orders on immigration encourage greater interagency cooperation

President Obama recently announced a set of initiatives and Executive Orders to address immigration. The purpose of these actions is to reduce the strain on the current U.S. immigration system, which the President describes as “broken.” The new policies effect undocumented immigrants, communities, businesses, and employers.

The executive actions also encourage increased interagency cooperation, and call for the creation of an interagency working group made up of the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and Labor, and other related government agencies and groups. The working group will focus on promoting worker cooperation with enforcement authorities while ensuring employers do not use federal agencies to undermine worker protection laws.

Additional initiatives include the allocation of immigrant visas and increased and expanded work authorization for immigrants.

For more information about the executive actions on immigration, please follow the links below.
President Obama’s Executive Orders on Immigration – Interagency Cooperation and DOL Initiatives, The National Law Review
Fixing the System: President Obama is Taking Action on Immigration, The White House

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