FEMA ends food/water aid to Puerto Rico

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is ending food and water aid to Puerto Rico on January 31.* FEMA has been an integral part of the interagency effort to provide aid to those effected by last year’s devastating hurricane season.

Earlier this week, NPR reported that FEMA “believes the immediate humanitarian emergency has subsided,” and that FEMA will turn the remaining food and water supplies over to the Puerto Rican government to disperse. In the four months since the hurricane, FEMA provided nearly 60 million meals and over 30 million gallons of potable water to the people of Puerto Rico.

For more information about this topic, please follow the link below.
FEMA To End Food And Water Aid For Puerto Rico, NPR

*Update: According to a FEMA spokesperson, the January 31 date “was mistakenly provided.” FEMA is working on transitioning food and water aid to the Puerto Rican government, but the transfer has not been finalized. For more on this update, please follow this link – In Reversal, FEMA Says It Won’t End Puerto Rico Food And Water Distribution Wednesday.

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