FEMA suggests whole community approach to emergency management

A recent report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) presents a foundation for increasing individual preparedness and engaging with members of the community as vital partners in enhancing the resiliency and security of the nation through a Whole Community approach to emergency management. A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management is intended to promote greater understanding of an approach that engages government at all levels with communities and individuals when responding to disaster and to provide a strategic framework to guide all members of the emergency management community as they determine how to integrate Whole Community concepts into their daily practices. This document is not intended to be all-encompassing or focused on any specific phase of emergency management or level of government, nor does it offer specific, prescriptive actions that require communities or emergency managers to adopt certain protocols. Rather, the report provides an overview of core principles, key themes, and pathways for action that have been synthesized from a year-long national dialogue around practices already used in the field. While this is not a guide or a “how-to” document, it provides a starting point for those learning about the approach or looking for ways to expand existing practices and to begin more operational-based discussions on further implementation of Whole Community principles.

This document is the result of a national dialogue led by FEMA with a single proposition: A community-centric approach for emergency management that focuses on strengthening and leveraging what works well in communities on a daily basis offers a more effective path to building societal security and resilience. By focusing on core elements of successful, connected, and committed communities, emergency management can collectively achieve better outcomes in times of crisis, while enhancing the resilience of our communities and the nation.

FEMA will continue its national dialogue to exchange ideas, recommendations, and success stories. FEMA also intends to develop additional materials for emergency managers that will support the adoption of the Whole Community concept at the local level. As part of this ongoing dialogue, reactions and feedback to the Whole Community concept presented in this document can be sent to FEMA-Community-Engagement@fema.gov.

For more information on FEMA’s A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management, please follow the link below.
A Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management: Principles, Themes, and Pathways for Action

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