Hagel speaks on national, cyber security

Earlier this month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ 2013 Global Security Forum. At the Forum, Hagel discussed several issues related to the Nation’s security.

In his remarks, Hagel highlighted the growing concern over the cyber domain, one that will be addressed in detail in the upcoming Quadrennial Defense Review. He went on to discuss the evolution of terrorism, which he said will “require our continued investment in cutting-edge defensive space and cyber technologies.”

Hagel also touched on the changing roles of both civilian and military power, saying that the U.S. “will need to place more of an emphasis on our civilian instruments of power,” and that the military “should always play a supporting role […] in America’s foreign policy.”

Also included in Hagel’s remarks was his stance on impending budget cuts, which he believes may lead to problems fulfilling U.S. national security objectives.

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As Delivered by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Center for Strategic and International Studies

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