Interagency Effort Examines Documents Leaked on Social Media

In April the Department of Defense (DoD), the White House, and other agencies began looking into how photos of what appear to be classified DoD documents were shared on social media platforms. Some of the documents are believed to be related to Ukraine- and Russia-related operations.

According to Chris Meagher, the assistant to the secretary of defense for Public Affairs, the interagency effort is “assessing the impact these photographed documents could potentially have on U.S. national security and on our allies and partners.”

U.S. allies and partners, national security committees, and Congress have been informed of the leak. “The secretary and Department of Defense and the United States government take this apparent unauthorized disclosure extremely seriously, and this is a top priority for us,” said Meagher.

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Interagency Effort Assessing Impact of Leaked Documents, Strategizing Way Forward, DoD News

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