Illicit networks a challenge to security

Earlier this month, U.S. Southern Command (Southcom) commander Navy Admiral Kurt W. Tidd spoke on the region’s greatest security challenge during a media roundtable at the Pentagon – illicit networks. According to Tidd, while Southcom’s area of responsibility has not seen ongoing conflict in some time, “it’s not a region that is without challenges … [and] the biggest security challenge when you look at Latin America and the Caribbean … is the illicit networks.”

These illicit networks are used by criminals and terrorists, and countering these networks will require collaborating with Southcom’s multinational and interagency partners, as well as those in the law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic communities. In his remarks, Tidd spoke of the important role partner-nation law enforcement and military organizations have in disrupting illicit networks. He also spoke on the U.S. government role in disrupting these networks, which involves U.S. federal law enforcement agencies and the State Department.

Tidd also spoke on illegal smuggling and mining in the area, as well as building relationships with Cuba and the challenge of preventing and eradicating Zika.

For more information on Navy Adm. Tidd’s remarks, please follow the link below.
Southcom Commander: Illicit Networks Are Region’s Greatest Security Challenge, DoD News

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