Intelligence agency cooperation praised

Last week global security leaders gathered for the Defense One Summit in Washington, DC. At the Summit, senior officials discussed their views, goals, and predictions about a range of national security issues, from daily combat in Iraq to the grand-strategy games of the great powers, and the challenges of managing budgets, equipment, and people as they shift to a new administration.

During the event, Marcel Lettre, undersecretary of defense for intelligence, spoke about the progress the intelligence community has made in the 15 years since 9/11. “The biggest thing that has changed in my view is that it’s [now] an integrated effort across 17 organizations, but it is also an integrated effort across intelligence disciplines, with human intelligence organizations tipping and cueing signals intelligence and geospatial intelligence in unprecedented ways,” said Lettre.

Lettre went on to say that the progress is most noticeable in support of military counterterrorism operations and in countering violent extremism. Lettre also discussed the “YouTube effect” and how the intelligence community has adapted to visibility and the possibility of “going viral.”

For more information on Lettre’s remarks, please follow the link below.
Intelligence Agencies Work, Communicate Better Together, DoD Official Says, DoD News

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