White House sets international cybersecurity standards

Last month the White House released a new strategy to improve the U.S. government’s participation in the development and use of international standards for cybersecurity. White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel announced the report detailing the new strategy.

The report was authored by a working group within the National Security Council’s cyber interagency policy committee, and provides an overview of the strategy, including interagency coordination and collaboration with industry and international partners. The report also identifies the federal agencies tasked with participation in international standards development, training, and education.

The report notes that international cybersecurity standards will further international trade and U.S. competitiveness. According to the report, “Cybersecurity standards with performance-based requirements are more likely to encourage innovation and enable competition than standards based upon prescriptive design requirements.”

A supplement to the interagency report summarizes ongoing international cybersecurity standards activities as well as public-private collaboration within the United States.

NISTIR 8074 v1 - Dec15     NISTIR 8074 v2 - Dec15

For more information on the new strategy, please follow the links below.
Engaging the International Community on Cybersecurity Standards, White House
White House aims to engage private sector, international organizations in global cybersecurity standards development, FierceGovernmentIT

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