Joint Publication 5-0 updated

Joint Publication 5-0, Joint Planning (JP 5-0) was updated in December 2020. JP 5-0 had previously been updated in 2015 and 2017. 

JP 5-0, as stated in the preface, is “the keystone document for joint planning,” and “provides the doctrinal foundation and fundamental principles” used by the Armed Forces of the United States when planning joint campaigns and operations.

JP 5-0 examines the critical purposes of joint planning at the strategic and operational levels, and describes how strategic direction is established and implemented. The publication also outlines planning functions, the planning process, and an operational design methodology. Operational art and design are discussed, as are global campaigns, strategic objectives, operational assessments, and the transition from planning to execution.

The updated version of JP 5-0 clarifies the joint planning process and operational design. Other 2020 updates to JP 5-0 include changes in terms to account for operations in cyberspace, expanded discussion on global campaigning and campaign planning, and removed redundancies.

To learn more about Joint Publication 5-0, please follow the link below.
Joint Publication 5-0, Joint Planning

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