Joint Special Operations University updates SOF Interagency Counterterrorism Reference Manual

Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) recently revised and republished its SOF Interagency Counterterrorism Reference Manual. In the past, this manual has provided a valuable reference for JSOU students, SOF staff officers, and partners in the interagency process. It is a practical, quick-reference guide to the interagency counterterrorism community and has been used by the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, the National Center for Combating Terrorism, and other members of the interagency community.

By focusing on the counterterrorism mission it is not all inclusive. However, it does provide an outline of organizations, missions, relationships, and processes that comprise the U.S. government’s national security apparatus involved in countering terrorism.

New information added to this revised edition are expanded discussions of the interagency counterterrorism roles of the Department of State, particularly the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism; the Intelligence Community and other intelligence resources; the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security; and other U.S. agencies.

Click to open/download SOF Interagency Counterterrorism Reference Manual.  (Right click to save.)

This document is permanently posted in the Resources section of the Simons Center website under “Special Reports/Publications.”

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