National Security Reform Mid-Term Assessment addresses interagency issues

The Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College recently published National Security Reform 2010: A Mid-Term Assessment.  The report is the result of a national security colloquium which focused on the need for advancing the research and study of national security reform.

The book includes a summary of the panelists’ presentations, along with papers written after the colloquium to further address and to assess the effectiveness of national security reform initiatives.  This volume reassesses theories, concepts, and practices for understanding America’s leadership role in national security and international affairs, and offers a variety of ideas, approaches, and suggestions.  While the views represented in this book represent a wide and contrasting range of ideas, there is a consensus that reforms are needed across and within the many government agencies engaged in diplomacy, defense, and development policy.

Click to open/download National Security Reform 2010: A Mid-Term Assessment (right click to save).

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