Paper examines approaches to leadership

Earlier this year, ALNAP published a working paper reviewing approaches to leadership. Who’s in Charge Here? builds on a previous ALNAP study, Leadership in Action: Leading Effectively in Humanitarian Operations, examining some of the questions raised about the role of effective leadership, particularly the “strong element of collective leadership.”

Who’s in Charge Here? is the result of an extensive review of literature from international humanitarian, civil defense, military, and emergency medicine organizations. The paper investigates alternative approaches to leadership and how they might be implemented in humanitarian operations. The paper forms hypotheses which can be tested “in the field,” enabling ALNAP to improving the effectiveness of humanitarian leadership.

ALNAP is a learning network that supports the humanitarian sector to improve humanitarian performance through learning, peer-to-peer sharing and research. ALNAP’s members are actors from across the humanitarian sector, including donors, NGOs, the Red Cross/Crescent, the UN, academics, independent agencies and individuals.

Whos in charge here - ALNAP

For more information about this report, please follow the link below.
Who’s In Charge Here? A literature review of approaches to leadership in humanitarian operations, ALNAP

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