President Trump visits JIATF-South

On Thursday, April 19, President Donald J. Trump visited Joint Interagency Task Force-South (JIATF-South). He was joined by Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen and other senior U.S. officials.

JIATF-South, located in Key West, Florida, is a forward base responsible for the detection and monitoring of illicit trafficking to facilitate international and interagency interdictions. JIATF-South is also responsible for combating illicit drugs and criminal networks, and enables U.S. and partner-nation law enforcement to successfully prosecute and dismantle criminal networks.

During their visit President Trump and Secretary Nielsen reviewed the Administration’s ongoing efforts to combat transnational organized crime, receiving an operational briefing and tour of the JIATF-S Joint Operations Center. President Trump also made remarks during his visit to JIATF-South, thanking everyone for their service and reaffirming the Administration’s commitment to securing U.S. borders and reducing crime, illegal drugs, and human trafficking.

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