RAND reports on DoD disaster relief efforts

Earlier this year the RAND Corporation published a report examining Department of Defense (DoD) humanitarian assistance/disaster response (HA/DR) operations in four major international disasters occurring between 2008 and 2011. The report underlines the key lessons learned from DoD’s role in responding to Cyclone Nargis in Burma (2008), the Padang earthquake in Indonesia (2009), monsoon floods in Pakistan (2010), and the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan (2011).

RAND’s report highlights key lessons for DoD involvement in HA/DR with regard to communication with the affected country, regional best practices with regard to HA/DR coordination, and prospects for security cooperation and building partner capacity. There are also sections of the report dedicated to DoD-interagency coordination in response to each of the four disasters, as well as recommendations for enhancing interagency coordination in the future. The report is of special interest to military leaders and staff concerned with increasing the effectiveness of U.S. HA/DR.

RAND - dod hadr

For more information about this RAND report, please follow the link below.
Lessons from Department of Defense Disaster Relief Efforts in the Asia-Pacific Region, RAND Corporation

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