RAND: Urban Responses to Climate Change

Earlier this month RAND Corporation published a report on the effects of climate change on urban environments. Climate change is quickly becoming a major concern around the world, bringing changes in weather patterns and impacting both rural and urban environments. This study focuses on how climate change impacts larger cities, as more that 80% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas.

“Urban Responses to Climate Change” considers how analysis can inform and support decision-making in complex urban areas and focuses specifically on the difficult choices among strategies and allocation of resources in response to climate change and in pursuit of greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and proposes a decision-making framework and supporting indicators for urban responses to climate change based on risk governance.

RAND - Climate Change

For more information on this report, please follow the link below.
Urban Responses to Climate Change: Framework for Decisionmaking and Supporting Indicators, RAND Corporation

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from the Spring 2016 edition of the InterAgency Journal.

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