Report analyzes civilian agency power

In June, the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition released a report analyzing development and diplomacy efforts among U.S. civilian agencies. Report on Reports: Smart Power Agenda for Advancing America’s Global Interests examines and analyzes over 30 reports from government agencies, and identifies six areas of consensus on how to best shape, elevate, and reform U.S. civilian agencies to improve existing initiatives and find new innovative ways to meet challenges.

Among the six drivers identified in the report is the need to continue strengthening civilian power, which had been understaffed and underfunded in the past. The report also recognized the role of private sector organizations play in global development, and the increased frequency of public-private partnerships in addressing development issues. Increased coordination among the civilian agencies was also identified as key driver to global development, as streamlined interagency processes and defined leadership roles are essential to successful U.S. foreign policy decision making and implementation.

The report also identified results-driven development and maintaining sufficient resources as key instruments in building America’s smart power, and stressed the need to prioritize missions and initiatives.

Report on Reports: Smart Power Agenda for Advancing America's Global Interests

For more information about the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition report, please follow the links below.
Report on Reports: Smart Power Agenda for Advancing America’s Global Interests, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition
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