Report focuses on DoD cybersecurity

Earlier this month the Atlantic Council published a report focusing on actions by an advanced cyber adversary. The report, Cyber and Deterrence: The Military-Civil Nexus In High-End Conflict, analyzes cyber’s role in deterrence and defense, specifically the military-civil nexus and the relationship between the Department of Defense (DoD), civil agencies, and key private operational cyber entities.

Last year, the Obama administration issued PPD-41, “Cyber Incident Protection,” which outlines roles and missions for federal agencies in the event of a cybersecurity incident, but did not explicitly outline the role of DoD. Previously, the DoD released their cyber strategy in April 2015, which updated earlier strategies and laid out goals and objectives focused on building capabilities for effective cybersecurity and cyber operations.

Cyber and Deterrence looks at what is required both inside the U.S. and outside the U.S. to address cyber threats. The report concludes that both the military and civil authorities need to develop coordinating plans for cyber protection, resilience, and recovery, and outlines six steps to ensure effective contingency planning.

Cyber and Deterrence - Jan. 2017

For more information on Cyber and Deterrence, please follow the link below.
Cyber and Detterence: The Military-Civil Nexus in High-End Conflict, Atlantic Council

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