Senators propose Global Health Security Interagency Review Council

On April 10, Republican Senator Mitt Romney and Democrat Chris Murphy introduced a bill establishing a Global Health Security Interagency Review Council. Similar legislation passed the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee in March.

Romney and Murphy’s bill reaffirms the country’s commitment to global health amid the coronavirus crisis. The bill calls for the appointment of a U.S. Coordinator for Global Health Security, to be chosen by the president from the National Security Council. The new legislation also creates a panel to prepare for pandemics, similar to the National Security Council’s pandemic directorate, which was disbanded in 2018.

“Our experience with coronavirus has exposed some glaring gaps in our nation’s capacity to respond to a pandemic, and it is critical that we are better prepared to coordinate global responses and exert leadership to address future health threats,” said Romney. Murphy concurred, saying “The United States cannot prevent pandemics like COVID-19 from devastating our country if we don’t adequately prepare and plan.”

For more information about this proposed legislation, please follow the links below.
Lawmakers Look to Reaffirm U.S. Commitment to Global Health, Amid Coronavirus, Reuters
Global Health Security Act of 2020, United States Senate

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