Senior Executive Service reform needed

The National Academy of Public Administration recently published a book concerning the role of the Senior Executive Service (SES) nearly forty years after the SES was created. Building a 21st Century Senior Executive Service is the result of a November 2014 Brookings Institution summit that focused on modernizing the SES.

The book is a collection of perspectives on the SES from the nation’s most respected public sector leaders, and includes 23 recommendations for reforming the SES and meant to enable the SES to best lead across the whole-of-government to address pressing 21st century challenges. Authors include the Honorable Michele Flournoy, Ambassador Patrick Kennedy, Admiral Thad Allen (USCG, retired), among others.

Building a 21st Century SES

For more information on Building a 21st Century SES, please follow the link below.
Building a 21st Century Senior Executive Service, National Academy of Public Administration

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