State, DoD counter terrorism online

Earlier this month, the State Department provided an update on their Global Engagement Center, which was established this spring after the signing of Executive Order 13721.  The Center is an interagency entity charged with coordinating U.S. counterterrorism messaging to foreign audiences, and replaced the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications.

The Center is staffed by detailees from several U.S. agencies and liaises with many U.S. national security agencies to effectively coordinate, integrate, and synchronize their efforts. The Center is also focused on building partnerships to combat violent extremist messaging, analyzing data to inform messaging efforts, and creating content to counter ISIL.

The military is also working to fight ISIL online. Cybercom seeks to disrupt and destroy ISIL’s ability to use the internet and social media as a means to further their goals, and Central Command utilizes native-born Arabic, Urdu, Russian, Farsi, Dari, and Pashto speakers in their Digital Engagement Teams.

For more information on countering terrorism online, please follow the links below.
The Global Engagement Center, State Department
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