Stimson Center reports on U.S. drone policy

The Stimson Center recently published a report on U.S. drone policy. The June 2014 report represents a preliminary effort to respond to President Obama’s May 2013 call for constructive new approaches to thinking about the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often referred to as “drones”.

In response to the president’s call, the Stimson Center created a distinguished 10-member task force on U.S. Drone Policy. Task Force members drew on their experience in the military, intelligence, foreign policy, and legal communities, and also sought recommendations from experts in technology, human rights, and business.

The Task Force’s report examines the military and national security benefits of using UAVs, and offers eight detailed recommendations for UAV strategy. Among Stimson’s recommendations are charges to improve transparency and develop more robust oversight and accountability for UAV use in targeted strikes. The report also calls for increased interagency research and development, which should advance U.S. national security interests while flagging any legal, ethical, and strategic implications of emerging UAV-related technologies.

Drone Policy - Stimson

For more information about the Stimson report on U.S. Drone Policy, please follow the link below.
Recommendations and Report of the Task Force on U.S. Drone Policy, Stimson Center


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