White House announces strategy for mass Atrocity prevention and response

On April 23, the White House released the fact sheet for the Administration’s comprehensive strategy to prevent and respond to mass atrocities.  The strategy stems from an August 2011 Presidential Study Directive, in which the Administration stated that the prevention of atrocities and genocide is of great importance to U.S. national security.

Many U.S. departments and agencies have undertaken efforts to prevent and respond to situations of mass atrocity and genocide.  These include the United States Agency for International Development, the intelligence community, the Departments of State, Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security, and the Atrocities Prevention Board.

One of the aims of the new mass atrocity prevention and response strategy is increased cooperation with the U.S. intelligence community.  This undertaking includes working with domestic and foreign partners to analyze potential threats and atrocity situations.  Other efforts include working with regional and international partners to help protect civilians, increasing support to diplomats and peacekeepers, and better equipping military and civilian workers to prevent and respond to atrocities.

For more information about the strategy for mass atrocity prevention and response, please follow the link below.
A Comprehensive Strategy and New Tools to Prevent and Respond to Atrocities

Simons Center Update:  The Simons Center published a special edition InterAgency Journal on the subject of preventing mass atrocities and genocide in April 2012.  For more information about this edition, click here.

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