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Featured Article: Evolving Band-Aids to Global Crisis

Featured article: Evolving Band-Aids to Global Crisis: For Want of U.S. Leadership by Mark Sweberg and Allan Childers Change is in the wind for the U.S. Army. Indeed, it is in the wind for all the Services as the strategic... Read More

Featured Article: Rethinking Energy Crisis Solutions in West Africa

Featured article: Searching for a Win-Win-Win: Rethinking Energy Crisis Solutions in West Africa by Johnny J. Wandasan, Karie Hawk and Michael J. Cheatham On March 9, 2017, venture magnate Elon Musk sent shockwaves through the energy production world. With a simple... Read More

Featured Article: The Syrian Refugee Crisis…

Featured article: The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Moral and Ethical Obligation of Resettlement or “I’ll Pass on the Poisoned Skittles” by Joel D. Funk What are the relationships between the migration of refugees and conflict? The conventional logic presumes that... Read More

Featured Article: The Looming Crisis in Afghan Local Government

Featured article: The Looming Crisis in Afghan Local Government by Daniel R. Green While much of the debate about the war in Afghanistan focuses on troop levels and the pace of the drawdown, a similar reduction of the U.S. civilian interagency... Read More

Interagency response needed for opioid crisis

On October 26, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Elaine Duke released a statement on DHS's role in responding to the opioid crisis. Duke's statement followed President Trump's announcement that he would direct the Department of Health and... Read More

IAE 10-02 WE are the Interagency: Exercising a Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Action and Conflict Termination and Stabilization

InterAgency Essay 10-02, December 2010 by Major Edward Lee Bryan, U.S. Army & Lieutenant Colonel David Pendall, U.S. Army <download a pdf version of this essay> Foreword For years, the federal government has grappled with the question of how best... Read More

Women, Peace, and Security Report published

In July 2022, the White House published the "United States Government Women, Peace, and Security Report to Congress." [caption id="attachment_22977" align="alignright" width="233"] The United States Government Women, Peace, and Security Report to Congress was published in July 2022.[/caption] The "Women,... Read More

The General and the Ambassador Podcast

The General and The Ambassador Podcast Explore these unique conversations between U.S. military leaders and U.S. ambassadors describing their partnerships on the ground in key regions as well as combat and crisis areas: Hosted and produced by Ambassador (ret) Deborah... Read More

Retired general, author, scholar presents at CGSC Foundation event in KC

The CGSC Foundation hosted a Simons Center Distinguished Lecture Series event on Sept. 7, 2021, at the Carriage Club in Kansas City, Mo. The special guest for the evening was retired Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster who served as the 26th... Read More

Interim National Security Strategic Guidance published

On March 3, the Biden Administration released the Interim National Security Strategic Guidance. The document conveys the President's vision for how America will engage with the world, and provides guidance for departments and agencies to align their actions as the... Read More

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