News You Can Use: 01/06/17

National Security

Obama still scared of Trump with nuclear codes, Politico

How to fight terrorism in the Donald Trump era, Brookings

Donald Trump Plans Revamp of Top U.S. Spy Agency, The Wall Street Journal

North Korea cannot ‘tip’ missile with nuclear warhead: U.S. State Department, Reuters

Ex-CIA head: More than one country could be behind hacking, The Hill

Donald Trump: Making the World Safe for Dictators, Foreign Policy

Correcting the Course of Future Defense Spending, Real Clear Defense

Memo to the President: Strengthening Partnerships with State and Local Governments, Government Executive

Who hacked? Trump challenges intel agencies he’ll oversee, Military Times

The Technology Race to Build — or Stop — North Korea’s Nuclear Missiles, Defense One

Trump may have a tough time curbing biggest U.S. defense contracts, Bloomberg

Trump Transition Sought Data for Building Border Walls, Government Executive

Russia did not hack Vermont electric utility: report, The Hill

White House Expects More Guantanamo Transfers To Be Announced, Radio Free Europe

Democrats divided on how to handle Mattis nomination, Military Times

ISIL ramps up fight with weaponised drones, Al Jazeera


Priorities For Enhancing National Cybersecurity, Nextgov

Cyber and Deterrence, Atlantic Council

Army stands up defensive cyber ops program office, C4ISR Net

Get Silicon Valley Execs Out Of Government Cyber, Major Report Urges, Nextgov

Fatal Attraction: ISIS Just Can’t Resist Social Media, The Daily Beast

4 Skills Every Threat Hunter Should Have, Nextgov

Cyber Beyond Third Ofset: A Call For Warfighter-Led Innovation, War on the Rocks

2016 presidential election and a national cybersecurity investigation, C4ISR Net

Public Health

New resolution is a first step toward Affordable Care Act repeal, Brookings

Ebola vaccine fast-tracked after proven 100 percent effective in trials, The Washington Times

Gun Violence Should Be Treated As A Public Health Crisis, Study Says, NPR

Telemedicine in Schools Helps Keep Kids in the Classroom, Route Fifty

A Long-Lost Data Trove Uncovers California’s Sterilization Program, Route Fifty

Human Right & Humanitarian Efforts

Kurdish Officials Shut Down Group Aiding Yezidis, Human Rights Watch

Why U.S. Airstrikes In Afghanistan May Now Be Riskier For Civilians, Newsweek

Ugandan lawmakers petition ICC for investigation into “genocide” by army, police, Reuters

Brazil: Regain Control of Prison System, Human Rights Watch

Government & Military Personnel

Why We Should Remain Optimistic in 2017, Foreign Policy

Pentagon to pay back recouped California Guard bonuses, forgive thousands more, Army Times

2017’s fiscal outlook is unpromising, Brookings

House Makes It Easier to Cut Federal Employees’ Pay, Slash Workforce, Government Executive

New in 2017: Enlisted combat schools gear up for first female students, Army Times

Republicans Expected to Reduce Feds’ Pensions, Outsource More Work, Government Executive

Federal Employee Accountability Bill Is First Approved by House in New Congress, Government Executive

Five ways the Maker Movement can help catalyze a manufacturing renaissance, Brookings

The Most Vulnerable NASA Missions Under Trump, The Atlantic

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