News You Can Use: 01/16/17

National Security

Army chief: ‘We’re not there yet’ when it comes to readiness, Army Times

U.S. sanctions Syria for use of chemical weapons, USA Today

7 Tough Questions for ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, Foreign Policy

National Security Agency Databases Open for Business, Human Rights Watch

Senate approves exception for Mattis to serve as defense secretary, Military Times

The CIA is not to be trusted, The Week

DARPA Wants Troops To Access Multiple Security Classifications From One Device, Nextgov

There Is a Cure for Fake News and Dangerous Leaders, Foreign Policy

Trump Has Considerable Authority to Revamp the Intelligence Community, Government Executive

Baltimore Agrees to Broad Change for Troubled Police Dept., The New York Times

Cruz, Graham offer bill to cut off funding to UN over Israel vote, The Hill

From Obama’s Asia Pivot to Trump’s China Bashing (Or, How to Provoke China Before Inauguration Day), Foreign Policy

Mattis Enthusiastic on ICBMs, Tepid on Nuclear Cruise Missile, Defense One

America’s Spies Need to Watch Their Backs, Foreign Policy


Homeland’s biggest cybersecurity tool finally covers most of government, Federal Times

OPM Debuts Cyber Careers Site, Nextgov

DNI on cyberspace: An ‘insidious progression of aggressiveness’, C4ISR Net

DHS nominee Kelly mixes message on department’s cyber role, Fed Scoop

Defense Secretary Nominee Cautious Against ‘Stumblin’ Into Cyberwar, Nextgov

Trump asks Giuliani to help with cybersecurity, Federal Times

Hub for Cyber Command defensive ops fully operational by 2018, C4ISR Net

Marine Corps May Get a Cyber-Only MOS,

Public Health

Unfinished business: Bipartisan help for child victims of the opioid crisis, Brookings

A Cautionary Case Study for Governors Looking to Defund Planned Parenthood, Route Fifty

U.S. agrees to pay billions of dollars to Marines affected by toxic water, Marine Corps Times

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

We Are on the Verge of Darkness, Foreign Policy

Philippines Plugs Reproductive Health Funding Gaps, Human Rights Watch

Report: more than 16,000 civilians killed in Iraq in 2016, The Washington Post

Cuban human rights and the hypocrisy of the media, Al Jazeera

Government & Military Personnel

Memo to the President: Getting Public-Private Partnership Right, Government Executive

Cobert to Trump: Focus on ‘Holistic’ Civil Service Reforms, Not Hiring Freeze, Government Executive

LGBT groups ‘heartened’ by Mattis’ testimony, The Hill

Trump’s Defense Secretary Pick Promises Efficiencies Among Civilian Workforce, Government Executive

Dr. Ben Carson Wants to Pick The Brains of HUD Employees, Government Executives

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