News You Can Use: 02/02/18

National Security

How the Spies Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fitbit, Foreign Policy

National security expert to Congress: US not ready for warfare’s future, C4ISR Net

Trump Wants Little to Do With His Own Foreign Policy, The Atlantic

Afghanistan Quagmire Leaves U.S. With No Good Options, The Cipher Brief

Half of the US Military’s Sites Are Vulnerable to Climate Change. Now What?, Defense One

How Fake Data Can Help the Pentagon Track Rogue Weapons, Nextgov

Brookings experts on Trump’s first State of the Union, Brookings

The Peril of Taking on the FBI, The Atlantic

12 Depressing Previews of America’s Next War, Foreign Policy

If We’re Going to Export More US Arms, Let’s Do It Smarter, Defense One

DHS: Biggest obstacles to building a border wall are environmental and property laws, Washington Examiner

Reality check: Failures happen, even in missile defense testing, Defense News

Strava’s Just the Start: The US Military’s Losing War Against Data Leakage, Defense One


Countering significant cyber threats? Check., Fifth Domain

The Army wants to be able to track friendly forces during a cyber attack, C4ISR Net

Hezbollah Goes on the Cyber Offensive with Iran’s Help, The Cipher Brief

Hackers have already targeted the winter Olympics – and may not be done, Wired

Army Cyber Command boss seen as potential frontrunner to lead NSA, Army Times

How exposed deep-sea cables could leave the economy vulnerable to a Russian attack, C4ISR Net

Public Health

Studies show shortfalls in veterans’ mental health care needs, Military Times

A Crisis In Community Health, The 1A

Preparing to Live a Long, Healthy Life, Government Executive

The foster care system was unprepared for the last drug epidemic—let’s not repeat history, Brookings

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

US says Syria making new chemical weapons despite 2013 deal, The Associated Press

FEMA To End Food And Water Aid For Puerto Rico, NPR

ISIS’s War on Families Never Ended, Foreign Policy

How Voters With Disabilities Are Blocked From the Ballot Box, Route Fifty

China’s Middle Class Is Pulling Up the Ladder Behind Itself, Foreign Policy

Government & Military Personnel

TSP Ends January Mostly in the Black, Government Executive

Wisconsin expected to set up ‘Green Alerts’ for missing at-risk veterans, The Washington Post

VA reveals hundreds of additional firings following Trump’s State of the Union, Military Times

Director of Veterans Hospital Accused of Manipulating Ratings Is Replaced, The New York Times

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