News You Can Use: 02/08/19

National Security

‘Great nations do not fight endless wars’ — Trump touts troop drawdowns in State of the Union, Defense News

National Security Highlights in the 2019 State of the Union, Lawfare

Is The Trump Administration Prepared If A National Security Crisis Occurs?, NPR

Federal Agencies Ramp Up Classified Plans to Protect 2020 Elections, Defense One

Is China about to abandon its ‘no first use’ nuclear weapons policy?, South China Morning Post

Russia bids farewell to INF Treaty with fresh nuclear development plans, Defense News

With another caravan approaching, DoD shifts forces along border, Military Times

Arizona city officials want troop-installed razor wire removed from border wall, The Associated Press


Why Augusta deserves to be home to a cyber army, Fifth Domain

CNO Wants More Cyber, IW in Navy’s Wargames, Breaking Defense

Does the new DoD cloud strategy actually offer opportunities?, Federal Times

Public Health

‘It will take off like a wildfire’: The unique dangers of the Washington state measles outbreak, The Washington Post

Feds File Lawsuit to Stop ‘Safe Injection’ Site for Drug Users, Route Fifty

Pentagon Launches Prescription Monitoring Program to Curb Substance Abuse,

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

US cuts military aid to Cameroon over human rights concerns, The Associated Press

A refugee compact for Turkey?, Brookings

Government & Military Personnel

Partnership for Public Service Pushes for the End of Shutdowns Forever, Nextgov

Study: Federal Workforce Is on the Verge of Catastrophe, Government Executive

TSP Loan Eligibility During Government Shutdowns, Federal Register

Why Public Service is Not a Regular Job,

Republicans Blast Democrats’ Effort to Boost Ethics in Government, Government Executive

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