News You Can Use: 02/13/17

National Security

Here’s how you can end up on the FBI’s watch list — and what it means, Business Insider

US Counterterrorism Strategy Must Be About More than ISIS, Defense One

National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, officials say, The Washington Post

Trump Finalizes Executive Order to Put ISIS Detainees in Guantánamo, Foreign Policy

Why Did Trump Pick a Fight with Putin Over the Nuclear Weapons Treaty?, Defense One

No One Knows the Best Way to Stop a Drone, Popular Science

DHS estimates border wall may take $21 billion, over 3 years to build, Washington Examiner

DHS Won’t Confirm Trump’s Assertion That U.S.-Mexico Wall Design Is Underway, Government Executive

The U.S. Military Is Reporting Alternative Facts, Foreign Policy

President Trump Sets a Remarkable Bar for Critiquing His Military Operations, Defense One

Federal Judges Refuse to Reinstate Trump’s Immigration Ban, Government Executive

Backing Into World War III, Foreign Policy


Four Ways to Automate Cyber Defense, Defense One

Officials: Getting authority for cyber ops is tedious, but in a good way, Fifth Domain Cyber

House Science Democrats Want To Investigate White House Cyber Vulnerabilities, Nextgov

For the US Army, ‘Cyber War’ Is Quickly Becoming Just ‘War’, Defense One

DARPA developing devices to safely send data over unsecure networks, Fifth Domain Cyber

There’s Cyberwar And Then There’s The Big Legal Gray Area, Nextgov

Army announces service, civilian cyber workforce pilots, Fifth Domain Cyber

Public Health

GOP Docs Rise To Power As Congress Retools Health Care Law, NPR

How Often Do People Lose Security Clearances Over Mental Health?, DoD Live

Male contraceptive gel passes monkey test, BBC News

Using a Consensus Bundle to Improve Maternal Perinatal Mental Health, MedScape

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Another Putin critic silenced as human rights abuses continue in Russia, The Hill

Executive Order on Police Does Not Address Problems in the Criminal Justice System, Amnesty International

Ray of Light for Dadaab’s Residents, Human Rights Watch

Equal Marriage Refugees from Germany, Bild

Myanmar: Military probe team to investigate human rights abuse in Rakhine, Business Standard

Government & Military Personnel

The Real-Life Consequences of the Federal Hiring Freeze, Government Executive

White House Floats Federal Employee Pay Reform, Privatization in Name of Innovation, Government Executive

Veterans unite for second ‘deployment’ against Dakota Access Pipeline, CNN

Where Would You Move Agencies?, Government Executive

Senate Overseer Promises Reforms to Federal Pay, Performance Management and Discipline, Government Executive

Connolly Pledges to Reintroduce Modernizing Government Technology Act, Nextgov

And Then The Breitbart Lynch Mob Came For Me, Foreign Policy

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