News You Can Use: 02/15/19

National Security

The Problem With a ‘Smart’ Border Wall, Government Executive

Natural Disasters are Changing. How are We Responding?, Fors Marsh Group

State of Defense 2019: Special Report, Defense One

Practical Terrorism Prevention: Reexamining U.S. National Approaches to Addressing the Threat of Ideologically Motivated Violence, RAND

Is there a way to save the ‘fraying’ nuclear consensus in Congress?, Defense News

Ex-director of FBI, CIA takes on a phone scammer—and wins, ARS Technica

The US Air Force Has Won Control of the Space Force, Defense One

Pentagon chief: US will work with NATO on planned Afghanistan troop withdrawal, Military Times

FEMA Administrator Brock Long Resigns, Government Executive


Why it’s time to make cybersecurity a national priority, Fifth Domain

Cyber Deterrence Done Right: The Coordinated Actions Against Huawei, Defense One

Intel: How an Air Force vet’s indictment reveals US vulnerability to Iranian cyber-espionage, Al-Monitor

What the Pentagon’s new AI strategy means for cybersecurity, Fifth Domain

Trade group pushes DoD to get on the same page with industry on cybersecurity standards, Fifth Domain

Public Health

Medical Anthropologist Explores ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’, NPR

Trump Wants to End HIV Within 10 Years. Here’s What That Would Take, According to Experts, Time

EPA Says It Plans To Limit Toxic PFAS Chemicals, But Not Soon Enough For Critics, NPR

World Health Organization Forms Committee To Guide Editing Of Human Genes, NPR

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

The vow of ‘never again’ is dying in Assad’s prisons, The Washington Post

The quiet coup that could devastate human rights in Guatemala, Open Democracy

Afghan Women Are ‘Not Willing to Give Up Their Rights’, Foreign Policy

Trump signs anti-genocide act, anti-Semitism resolution into law, Jewish News Syndicate

Government & Military Personnel

Watch out for fake DoD websites like this, Military Times

Feds hold silent protest to remind Congress of shutdown costs, Federal Times

HUD’s System for Processing Public Records Requests Died During the Shutdown, ProPublica

As sexual assault cases rise, service academy superintendents struggle for solutions, Military Times

Black mold, rodents, lead paint in privatized housing: No rent until it’s fixed, military spouses say, Military Times

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