News You Can Use: 03/08/19

National Security

What’s the next step for ISIS? A top US general shares his prediction with lawmakers, Defense News

Trump would be ‘very disappointed’ in Kim if missile test facility being reassembled, Washington Examiner

House Dems threaten to block Pentagon’s money-moving authority in border wall fight, Defense News

Why America can’t escape its role in the conflict between India and Pakistan, Brookings

House aide: NSA has shut down phone call record surveillance, ARS Technica

The US Army is preparing for major changes to force structure, Defense News


Pentagon’s Cyber Mission Force Needs Better Training Plan, Nextgov

The NSA Makes Ghidra, a Powerful Cybersecurity Tool, Open Source, Wired

NSA-Cyber Command Chief Recommends No Split Until 2020, Defense One

At RSA, governments still prove to be more powerful than cyber, Fifth Domain

Fear & Loathing In AI: How The Army Triggered Fears Of Killer Robots, Breaking Defense

Public Health

How a Library Embraced New Technology and Helped Build a Prosthetic Hand, Route Fifty

Here’s what’s coming next in the battle over burn pit benefits, Military Times

Advocates for sexual assault victims create one-stop support site, Stars and Stripes

VA to Pilot Health Records System in March 2020, Nextgov

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

How Many Civilians Die in Covert US Drone Strikes? It Just Got Harder to Say, Defense One

Rights Group Accuses Iraq, Kurds of Torturing Children Suspected of IS Ties, Voice of America

Government & Military Personnel

Feds Won’t Be Getting Their Pay Raise This Week, Government Executive

Lawmakers to DoD: You knew about water contamination. Why haven’t you done more?, Military Times

How to Boost Federal Email Security, Nextgov

HHS Vigorously Defended Its Employees, But Senators Still Want Answers on Alleged Sexual Assault Against Immigrant Children, Government Executive

Artificial Intelligence Now Helps People Find Jobs, Route Fifty

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