News You Can Use: 03/27/18

National Security

Congress Rejects Trump’s Bid for More Immigration Enforcement and Border Patrol Agents, Government Executive

How John Bolton Views U.S. Allies and Adversaries, The Atlantic

John Bolton Is Misunderstood, The Atlantic

Diplomats ousted: US, Europe punish Russia over spy case, Military Times

NSC Readies Major Overhaul in US Arms Exports, Breaking Defense

Arms Sales Decisions Shouldn’t Be About Jobs, Defense One

Red Glare: The Origin and Implications of Russia’s ‘New’ Nuclear Weapons, War on the Rocks

Islamic State Regrouping in Iraqi, Kurdish Disputed Territories, Voice of America

Is ISIS gaining ‘serious’ ground in Afghanistan? Russia says yes. The US says no., Military Times

Lessons from the Russian Front, Defense One


DHS hires new cybsersecurity adviser ahead of 2018 midterm elections, Washington Examiner

New deputy at Cyber Command to retire, Fifth Domain

Streamlining Security: Cloud Adoption in the Department of Defense, Government Executive

Finland’s top national security risk? Cyber, Fifth Domain

Spanish police nab alleged ‘mastermind’ of bank hacks, Deutsche Welle

Public Health

How ‘Bad Medicine’ Dismisses And Misdiagnoses Women’s Symptoms, NPR

World leaders have the power to end TB. They must seize the moment, Stat

Birth Control Apps Find A Big Market In ‘Contraception Deserts’, NPR

Surge In Antibiotics Is A Boon For Superbugs, NPR

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

US: FOIA Suit on Border Guards’ Rights Abuses, Human Rights Watch

Shopping Mall Tragedy Raises Concerns About Russian Response, Human Rights Watch

Syria’s civil war is far from over, Brookings

The People Trump’s War on Drugs Will Actually Punish, The Atlantic

US Immigrants’ Rights Groups Turn to Education to Protect Rights, Human Rights Watch

Government & Military Personnel

A return to earmarks could grease the wheels in Congress, The Conversation

The Army of 2028 will be ready to fight any war, top civilian says, Defense News

Subscription-Based IT is Coming—And That’s A Good Thing For Federal Agencies, Nextgov

Esper: Army will overhaul fitness, possibly extend basic training, to meet rigors of combat, Defense News

As the Army turns to functional fitness testing, is the end of gender standards near?, Army Times

Here’s what we know, and don’t know, about Jim Mattis’ transgender policy, Washington Examiner

Future unmanned aircraft to do the ‘dull’ and ‘dangerous’ work, Defense News

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