News You Can Use: 04/05/17

National Security

Trump national security aides complete North Korea policy review: official, Reuters

Post-9/11 Intel Sharing Needs Fine-Tuning, Watchdogs Agree, Government Executive

Terrorist laptop bombs can get past airport security: report, The Hill

Marshall Center Course Nurtures Network of Counterterrorism Experts, DoD News

Don’t Let the Pentagon Monopolize Nuclear Policy, Defense One

Tillerson tells NATO allies to spend more on defense, bolster anti-terrorism efforts, Los Angeles Times

Border wall contractors brace for hostile environment, The Washington Post

Trump says US will act alone on North Korea if China fails to help, The Guardian

Trump’s dangerous expansion of executive war powers, Politico

America’s Foreign-Policy Voice Is Fracturing. Trump’s Cuts Would Make Things Worse, Defense One

Coast Guard to Congress: Don’t Move Us to Pentagon,

The U.S.-NATO Alliance: The Bedrock of Transatlantic Security, Dip Note


SecDef adviser: ’99 percent sure we’ll elevate’ CYBERCOM, C4ISR Net

NIST Cyber Board Wants Trump Advisers To Show Up To Next Meeting, Nextgov

Air Force considers merging cyber, electromagnetic spectrum activities, C4ISR Net

Trump Team Seems to Stay the Course With the Last Administration’s Cyber Efforts, Defense One

China Pivots its Hackers from Industrial Spies to Cyber Warriors, The Cipher Brief

Cyber attack on Singaporean defence ministry occurred weeks before being detected, South China Morning Post

Public Health

The government’s struggle to hold opioid manufacturers accountable, The Washington Post

Half of Americans are responsible for only 3 percent of health care costs, The Washington Post

Want to fix Obamacare? Here’s how, Brookings

There’s only one way to end the opioid epidemic, and the White House isn’t talking about it, Business Insider

Dems ask Trump to drop lawsuit over ObamaCare insurer payments, The Hill

Education At Home & Abroad

Pathways for scaling up quality education in developing countries, Brookings

Dreams Turned into Nightmares: Attacks on Students, Teachers, and Schools in Pakistan, Human Rights Watch

If Our Higher Education System Is Broken, How Can We Fix It?, Forbes

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Syria: suspected chemical attack kills dozens in Idlib province, The Guardian

After Syria Gas Attack, World Awaits What Kind of Leader Trump Will Be, NPR

Rwanda: Government Repression in Land Cases, Human Rights Watch

EU Aid to Support Afghan Peace Deal With Warlord, The Wall Street Journal

Mosul from the sky: Evidence of IS using human shields, BBC

Defeating ISIS and protecting civilians in Raqqa, Defense News

In a Shift, Trump Will Move Egypt’s Rights Record to the Sidelines, The New York Times

Government & Military Personnel

Is government shutdown likely under one-party rule? Possibly under Trump, Federal Times

Could post-9/11 veterans restore civility in politics?, Military Times

Delayed firing of a porn-watching VA staffer could speed up new accountability legislation, Military Times

TSP Growth Slows in March, Government Executive

VFW survey: Fix VA services instead of outsourcing them, Military Times

Pay Freezes Helped Make Government Top-Heavy, Says Scholar, Government Executive

Karen Pence emerges as the Trump administration’s liaison to military women, Military Times

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