News You Can Use: 04/12/17

National Security

Former National Security Council Coordinator Reflects On Obama’s Syria Policy, NPR

How Jeff Sessions wants to bring back the war on drugs, The Washington Post

McCain: Trump administration ‘partially to blame’ for Syrian chemical attack, Politico

A Trump national security adviser tapped as Singapore envoy, Military Times

Russian computer programmer held in Spain ‘under US warrant’, The Guardian

The Syria Strike Was International Security Theater, Defense One

Counterintelligence Chief: Contractors ‘Kicking Butt’ in Combating Insider Threats, Government Executive

U.S. Reroutes Warships Toward Korean Peninsula in Show of Force, The New York Times

Twitter Drops Lawsuit Against DHS Over Rogue Account, Nextgov

What Are America’s Options on North Korea?, Defense One

U.S. bolsters protection of forces in Syria as tensions climb, Reuters

Trump to sell attack planes to Nigeria for Boko Haram fight, Military Times

Pentagon tech advisers target how the military digests data, Defense News


Cyber Watchers Fear Hackers Could Hold Government, Infrastructure Hostage, Nextgov

Looking to the Feds for Help in Fighting Cybercriminals, Route Fifty

Citizens Experience ‘Cyber Insecurity’ When Doing Business With Government, Nextgov

Hackers post code in Trump protest: ‘Don’t forget about your base’, The Hill

Public Health

Asbestos Deaths Remain A Public Health Concern, CDC Finds, NPR

Brain cell therapy ‘promising’ for Parkinson’s disease, BBC

The new recommendations for prostate cancer screenings are a bad deal, Stat

Spinal Manipulation Can Alleviate Back Pain, Study Concludes, NPR

Education At Home & Abroad

States could lead the way in private school choice program expansions, Brookings

Distance education: Tumultuous today and yesterday, The Hill

Elizabeth Warren On Student Debt Collectors And More Education News, NPR

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Myths about U.S. foreign aid, Brookings

Trump pushes historic cuts in global health aid, stoking fears of new disease outbreaks and diminished U.S. clout, Los Angeles Times

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Kill Chain, Foreign Policy

Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming, Associated Press

Venezuela: A path out of crisis, Brookings

Venezuela: Maduro Government Must Stop Silencing Opposition Voices, U.S. Department of State

Why ISIS Declared War on Egypt’s Christians, Defense One

Government & Military Personnel

Senate Democrats Introduce Bill Protecting Federal Employee Pay Ahead of Possible Shutdown, Government Executive

Post-9/11 vet unemployment up in March, Military Times

The Path to Better Management of Government’s Huge Programs, Government Executive

Republicans and Democrats Look to Preserve, Expand Obama Hiring Rule, Government Executive

OMB Staffs Up as Trump Team Preps Agencies for Budget Cuts, Government Executive

Trump’s EPA Consolidation Begins, Government Executive

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