News You Can Use: 04/28/17

National Security

Trump’s Border-Wall Blink, The Atlantic

Judge blocks Trump’s order on sanctuary cities, Politico

The Pentagon Will Now Get To Decide How Many Troops To Send To Fight ISIS, Buzzfeed

‘Buy American’ helps secure the U.S. supply chain, Defense News

DHS Chief: Without Cities’ Help, ‘We Have to Go Into Neighborhoods’ to Find the Undocumented, Defense One

Why the wall on the Mexican border won’t happen, Brookings

DHS Launches Trump’s Immigration Victims Office, Government Executive

America’s Dangerous Love for Special Forces, The New York Times

Defense Industry Bulls Are Turning Bearish, Defense One

Donald Trump Is Slashing Programs Linking Climate Change To U.S. National Security, The Intercept

How Should We Treat Our Military Robots?, Defense One

Homeland Defense Starts at Hawaii, Real Clear Defense


Top Threat Facing U.S. Is Cyber, Says Outgoing CIA Lawyer, Foreign Policy

Cyber only a small component of information operations, official says, C4ISR Net

The US and Europe Need to Coordinate Their Cyber Weapons, Defense One

Cyberwarfare and information warfare must be distinguished, C4ISR Net

Trump Appoints Secret Service Director As Congress Questions Cyber Mission, Nextgov

White House Wants to Bake Security Into New IT Projects, Defense One

Public Health

Zika in Brazil: One disease, two very different lives, Stat

HHS Data Gurus Are Saving Taxpayers Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, Nextgov

Bills would expand VA telehealth services across state lines, Military Times

5 Things You Should Know About New Surgeon General Sylvia Trent-Adams, Yahoo

Education At Home & Abroad

In America, Does More Education Equal Less Religion?, Pew Research Center

Education Secretary DeVos tours Virginia school to stress needs of military children, Military Times

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

The Sins of the Father Shall Not Be Visited on the Son, Foreign Policy

Pledging Conference Raises More Than $1 Billion for Yemen, Voice of America

Syrian Scientists Made Sarin Used in Chemical Attacks, France Claims, Foreign Policy

A guide for Secretary Tillerson: Let State focus on diplomacy, USAID be accountable for assistance, Brookings

Government & Military Personnel

Trump to establish new VA accountability office, Military Times

Is A Buyout Worth Taking,

Trump Administration Will Ask Career Feds How to Do Things Better — or Not at All, Government Executive

There’s a better way to celebrate take your kids to work day: Taking someone else’s kid instead, Brookings

Overall Public-Private Sector Compensation Gap Has Widened, CBO Finds, Government Executive

Whistleblower Advocates Bemoan Merit Board’s Lack of Quorum, Government Executive

Navy invests in AI, human operator linkup, C4ISR Net

Government Shutdown

Lawmakers Introduce One-Week Stopgap Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown, Government Executive

On the looming government shutdown, Brookings

Trump Signals That He Doesn’t Want a Government Shutdown After All, Government Executive

Avoiding a shutdown is not enough, Defense News

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