News You Can Use: 05/24/17

National Security

Israeli Intelligence Furious Over Trump’s Loose Lips, Foreign Policy

Trump says he never told the Russians classified intelligence came from Israel, The Washington Post

Manchester bombing suspect identified: Islamic State claims responsibility, The Washington Post

Trump budget fails to live up to ‘historic’ defense promises, analysts say, Defense News

Trump to Propose $1.4 Trillion in Cuts to Non-Defense Agencies, Government Executive

CIA director warned Russian security service chief about interference in election, The Washington Post

Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations, The New York Times

Trump’s NATO Article 5 problem, Brookings

New Tactics, Quicker Decisions Are Helping to ‘Annihilate’ ISIS, Pentagon Says, Defense One

Worries mount about vacancies in Trump’s State Department, The Hill

5 Things We Know (And Don’t Know) About Trump’s Pending Infrastructure Plan, Route Fifty

DHS Releases Fiscal Year 2016 Entry/Exit Overstay Report, Department of Homeland Security


4 Ways the Average Person Can Avoid Ransomware, Nextgov

Report looks at biggest stressors in average cyber pros’ day, Fifth Domain Cyber

North Korea denies role in WannaCry malware, The Hill

U.N.’s North Korea sanctions monitors hit by ‘sustained’ cyber attack, Reuters

North Korea’s Unit 180, the cyber warfare cell that worries the West, Reuters

Public Health

City and County Leaders to Trump: ONDCP Cuts Weaken Response to Opioid Epidemic, Route Fifty

Cholera outbreak spreading at ‘unprecedented’ speed kills 315 in Yemen, UPI

After outcry, Trump budget largely preserves ‘drug czar’ funding, Stat

Collaborative HIV Program Improves Long-Term Care for Youths in the United States,

Why Brain Scientists Are Still Obsessed With The Curious Case Of Phineas Gage, NPR

Education At Home & Abroad

What we don’t know about high schools can hurt us, Brookings

Knowledge is power when it comes to judging college performance, Brookings

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Rex Tillerson: Fighting terrorism good for women’s rights in Middle East, Washington Examiner

Scorecard diplomacy: How grades drive behavior in international relations, Brookings

Witness: Hoping for a Child Who Survives, Human Rights Watch

Food stamps, Medicaid on chopping block in Trump’s budget, Federal Times

Government & Military Personnel

If you’re in the military, expect a modest pay raise next year, Military Times

Trump Budget Includes 1.9 Percent Pay Raise for Civilians, Retirement Cuts, Government Executive

Decoding Federal Employee Compensation, Government Executive

Analysis: The Civil Service’s Preference for Hiring Military Vets Comes at a Hidden Cost, Government Executive

Agency Jobs Watch: Health and Human Services Continues Its Hiring Freeze, Government Executive

Women in the infantry: How the Army is growing its first female enlisted grunts, Army Times

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