News You Can Use: 05/29/17

National Security

The Manchester Attack and the Difficulty of Prevention, Defense One

In NATO Speech, Trump Is Vague About Mutual Defense Pledge, The New York Times

France, Germany to agree to NATO role against Islamic State: diplomats, Reuters

Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Blocked G-7 Migration Proposal, Foreign Policy

What the Manchester attack shows us about how the terrorism danger has evolved, Brookings

Kaine, Flake to introduce new ISIS military force authorization, CNN

DHS: Biometrics Could Cut The Over 700k Visa Overstays, Nextgov

How America Could End Up in an Unexpected War with China, The National Interest

If Trump Wants China’s Help, He Needs to Build Trust. Here’s How., Defense One

Iraqi troops torture and execute civilians in secret videos, ABC

Nuclear weapons agency gets 11 percent funding increase in FY18 budget request, Defense News

Trump’s Plan for Middle East Peace Could Actually Work, Foreign Policy

The Saudi Deal Shows Just How Broken the US Arms Export Process Has Become, Defense One


What defense leaders (are now willing to) tell us about offensive cyber ops, C4ISR Net

Here’s How the Trump Budget Treats Cyber Defense, Defense One

CYBERCOM elevation at heart of budget increase, C4ISR Net

DHS Secretary Promises Report On Russian Antivirus Use At Agency, Nextgov

What are services spending on offensive cyber?, C4ISR Net

How The Interior Department Stopped A Phishing Attack, Nextgov

Public Health

Lessons learned from the final Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Stat

On the CBO scoring of the AHCA, Brookings

Who’s Going to Be the Next Leader of WHO?, Foreign Policy

Seventieth World Health Assembly update, 25 May, World Health Organization

Stopping the Shipment of Synthetic Opioids: Oversight of U.S. Strategy to Combat Illicit Drugs, Department of Homeland Security

Education At Home & Abroad

Trump Administration Considers Moving Student Loans from Education Department to Treasury, The New York Times

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Russia: Anti-Gay Purge in Chechnya, Human Rights Watch

‘Every year, I give birth’: why war is driving a contraception crisis in Sudan, The Guardian

Iraq: Pentagon Probe Of Mosul Airstrike Underscores Urgent Need To Protect Civilians, Amnesty International

America’s Allies Conceal Their Civilian Casualties in Iraq and Syria, Foreign Policy

Jeff Sessions’s Agenda for Justice’s Civil-Rights Division, Government Executive

Government & Military Personnel

VA defends plan to cut thousands of dollars from elderly vets’ benefits, Military Times

Interior Plans to Offer Buyouts, Early Retirements, Government Executive

The Perils and Pitfalls of Retiring Really Early, Government Executive

House Republicans offer veterans fix for health care bill, Military Times

Federal Government Is Concerned Coworkers Don’t Hang Out As Much As They Used To, Nextgov

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