News You Can Use: 05/31/17

National Security

Military’s clout with White House could shift U.S. foreign policy, The Washington Post

Trump’s obsession over Russia probe deepens, Politico

John McCain: Putin the ‘most important threat, more so than ISIS’, Washington Examiner

Trump’s Travel Ban Is Headed for a Supreme Court Showdown, The Atlantic

Kelly ‘might’ ban carry-on laptops on all international flights, Politico

How President Trump consumes — or does not consume — top-secret intelligence, The Washington Post

Russian Lawmaker: We Would Use Nukes if US or NATO Enters Crimea, Defense One

One Way To Hide Your Data From Digital Border Searches, Nextgov

‘Final act of bravery’: men who were fatally stabbed trying to stop anti-Muslim rants identified, The Washington Post

Missile test showed highly accurate warhead, says North Korea, CNN

Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin, The Washington Post

Resilient cities plan for urban migration, Brookings


Profiles in cyber: Understanding the US’s major adversaries in cyberspace, Fifth Domain Cyber

Hackers hide cyberattacks in social media posts, The New York Times

Israel a model of innovation, readiness in military, academic cyber, Fifth Domain Cyber

To Embrace Emerging Tech, Governments Need Supporting Talent, Survey Says, Nextgov

These Senators Want You To Hack DHS, Nextgov

China’s tough cybersecurity law to come into force this week, South China Morning Post

U.S Embassies Lag On Digital Security, Nextgov

Public Health

Uninsured in U.S. charged four times what Medicare pays for ER visit, Reuters

What Wounded Veterans Need: Medical Marijuana, Defense One

Medicare patients don’t share in drug discounts given insurers and PBMs, Stat

Pornography: A Public Health Problem?, Medscape

Education At Home & Abroad

Safe Schools Declaration Turns Two, Human Rights Watch

Public Education Vs. Public Schooling, Forbes

Education in prison: Inmates get paid to go to school?, Deutsche Well

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

No win-wins in Kenya’s modern-day voyages in search of work, Brookings

Iraq: Suicide Attacks Targeting Crowds in Baghdad, Human Rights Watch

Rouhani faces pressure to improve human rights in Iran, Reuters

No More Free Passes for Vietnam on Human Rights, The Hill

Push for united Iraq in jeopardy without military accountability, The Star

Government & Military Personnel

Trump Budget Continues Homeland Security Move to St. Elizabeths, Government Executive

‘This Is Devastating to the Cities. It Is Even More Devastating to Rural Areas’, Route Fifty

Weather Service Staff Shortages Have Led to Burnout Among Employees, Government Executive

Politics is Distracting American Workers and May Be Killing U.S. Productivity, Government Executive

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