News You Can Use: 06/05/17

National Security

Private defense companies are here to stay — what does that mean for national security?, Defense News

Protecting the Integrity of National Security Supply Chains, Government Executive

Trump plans week-long focus on infrastructure, starting with privatizing air traffic control, The Washington Post

Mattis says U.S. committed to Asia-Pacific as allies seek clear policy, Reuters

US Intel Community Launches Face-ID Contest, Defense One

FBI agents raid Michigan home, My Statesman

Homeland Security chief signals shift on immigration program, ABC

Increasingly sophisticated test plans for US homeland missile defense system on horizon, Defense News

Homeland Security disavows D.C. illegal immigration fliers, USA Today

C.I.A. Names New Iran Chief in a Sign of Trump’s Hard Line, The New York Times

Storm in the Pacific: Defending against growing North Korean threats, Defense News

U.S. sanctions more, including Russians, over North Korea arms, Reuters

Why Abandoning Paris Is a Disaster for America, Foreign Policy

On Climate, Local Action Trumps National Rhetoric, Route Fifty


Banking Insurance Agency Is Weak On Cybersecurity, Nextgov

Cyber Command reevaluating defensive cyber tools, Fifth Domain Cyber

In Remote Southern California Desert, U.S. Army Tests Advanced Cyber Weapons, NPR

China’s Cybersecurity Law Takes Effect: What to Expect, Lawfare

Cyber protection teams assigned to THAAD in South Korea, Fifth Domain Cyber

Russian suspected hacker moves step closer to US extradition, The Guardian

France warns of risk of war in cyberspace, ABC

OMB tells agency leaders how to meet cyber executive order, Fifth Domain Cyber

Public Health

Burr: ‘I don’t see a comprehensive health care plan this year’, Politico

Retail Marijuana: A Public Health Expert’s Concerns, Reno Public Radio

Did India hide its first cases of Zika virus?, BBC

Many COPD Patients Struggle To Pay For Each Breath, NPR

Kratom with a side of cheesesteak: A sub shop’s vending machine draws customers desperate to kick opioids, Stat

Education At Home & Abroad

Pensions Are Killing Higher Education, U.S. News

The problem with Trump’s cuts to education? It undermines his own economic growth goals, PBS

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Hiding Torture Report Opens The Door To Repeating History, Amnesty International

Venezuela: Authorities’ Militarization Of Crisis Escalates Violence And Promotes Fear, Amnesty International

Indonesia: Police Raids Foster Anti-Gay Hysteria, Human Rights Watch

Afghanistan: Security Forces Open Fire On Protesters Voicing Anger Over Kabul Blast, Amnesty International

Government & Military Personnel

Benefits Cuts and the President’s Budget, Government Executive

The military is building a case to block transgender applicants — at least for now, Military Times

Justice Department Gave Bonuses to Employees Under Investigation for Sexual Harassment, Government Executive

Keeping Employees Engaged During Periods of Uncertainty, Government Executive

Making sense of the monthly jobs numbers: Terms and definitions, Brookings

White House Gives Ground on Ethics Waivers, Continues Questioning Legality, Government Executive

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