News You Can Use: 07/04/17

National Security  

Pentagon: Russia Very Much a Threat to the United States, Foreign Policy

White House: New air travel safety measures are the greatest improvement opportunity since 9/11, Washington Examiner

Can President Trump implement his immigration agenda?, Brookings

Agencies Send Employees Guidance on Travel Ban Implementation, Government Executive

Surprise House Vote Rolls Back Authority for the ‘War on Terror’, Foreign Policy

Trump taps former CIA employee for senior intel position, C4ISR Net

A state of military un-readiness: How budget caps threaten national security, Defense News


Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Hasn’t Officially Met Yet—And It May Have Just Violated Federal Law, Route Fifty

House Republicans Want to Eliminate Federal Election Assistance Agency, Government Executive

Despite recusal, Sessions offers advice on Trump-Russia probe, Politico

How to Adapt Military Risk to an Era of Hypercompetition, Defense One

Russia Military Power: Building a Military to Support Great Power Aspirations, Defense Intelligence Agency

Nikki Haley and Trump’s Doctrine of Diplomatic Chaos, Foreign Policy


Cyber Advisory Board Gives Thumbs Down To NIST Oversight Role, Nextgov

The NSA Confronts a Problem of Its Own Making, Defense One

The types of tools an independent Cyber Command will need, C4ISR Net

Ukraine’s ransomware attack was a ruse to hide culprit’s identity, researchers say, The Washington Post

Trump voter-fraud panel’s data request a gold mine for hackers, experts warn, Politico

An exclusive peek inside Cyber Command’s premiere annual exercise, C4ISR Net

New US-Israeli working group to develop international cyber policy, Defense News

By Hoarding Bugs, the NSA Is Weakening Security for Everyone Else, Defense One

Cyber expert says GOP operative wanted to expose hacked Clinton emails, The Guardian

Public Health

Without Medical Support, DIY Detox Often Fails, NPR

Two Medicare Questions You Need to Think About, Government Executive

When GOP Senators go home, they face a health care buzz saw, Brookings

Trump Goes Outside Public Health Service to Name Surgeon General, Government Executive

Education At Home & Abroad

Tanzania Must Lift Cruel Ban on Teen Mothers Returning to School, Human Rights Watch

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Diplomats: Watchdog concludes sarin was used in Syria attack, The Washington Post

What the partially-reinstated travel ban means for refugees, Brookings

Iraq: New Abuse, Execution Reports of Men Fleeing Mosul, Human Rights Watch

Deportation a ‘Death Sentence’ to Adoptees After a Lifetime in the U.S., The New York Times

Government & Military Personnel

Defense Authorization Bill Looks to Boost Civilian Workforce, Government Executive

TSP Growth Slows in June, Government Executive

New rules would limit DOD officials’ ability to revoke valor awards, Military Times

House Panel Appears to Accept Trump’s Proposed 1.9 Percent Civilian Pay Hike, Government Executive

Mattis delays new transgender policy for US military, Military Times

New Management Position? Get Ready for the Drama Storm, Government Executive

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