News You Can Use: 07/07/17

National Security  

Trump Weighs a ‘Pretty Severe’ Response to North Korea’s ICBM Test, The Atlantic

North Korean missile advances put new stress on US defenses, The Associated Press

Government Wants To Detect Bio-Engineered Threats, Nextgov

U.S. Army and South Korean military respond to North Korea’s launch with missile exercise, The Washington Post

Judge allows Twitter lawsuit over national security requests to move forward, The Hill

Why Trump Should Embrace America’s Immigrant Soldiers, The Atlantic

First Responders Use Gaming System Behind ‘Mortal Kombat’ For Disaster Training, Nextgov

Haley Threatens “Full Range” of U.S. Responses to North Korean Missile, Foreign Policy

DHS Workers Left Unsecured Laptops And Passwords On Their Desks, Nextgov

Senate sanctions bill will target North Korea and its ‘enablers’, The Hill

Principled conservatives show federalism is more than a talking point by rejecting voter data requests, The Washington Post


Cyber training and education must be continuous, C4ISR Net

NSA: Help Us Train Next-Gen Cyber Feds, Nextgov

Cyber Flag exclusive: What Cyber Command learns from the annual exercise, C4ISR Net

NDAA summary looks to replace CIO role at Pentagon, C4ISR Net

Ukraine says it foiled 2nd cyberattack after police raid, Fifth Domain Cyber

Germany warns of Russian cyberattacks ahead of election, The Associated Press

Australia creates military cyber unit to expand hacking attacks, Reuters

Cyber, electronic warfare blur tactical, strategic lines, C4ISR Net

Cyber Command leverages acquisition model of special operations group, C4ISR Net

Public Health

Medicaid Expansion Has Delivered Access To Addiction Treatment, Report Finds, NPR

Health Care Battle On Hill Has Veterans Defending Obamacare Benefits, Kaiser Health News

Deadly dengue fever outbreak kills hundreds in Sri Lanka, CNN

VA Choice funding problem looms for Congress, Military Times

Poll: Majority of GOP, Dems supports ObamaCare’s birth control mandate, The Hill

How Republicans can save their health care legacy, Brookings

Education At Home & Abroad

The state of the nation’s social studies educators, Brookings

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Forgetting About Girls in Afghanistan – Again, Human Rights Watch

People ‘burned to death in homes’ by South Sudan’s government militias, The Guardian

Russia: Peaceful Protesters Detained, Abused, Human Rights Watch

US sets new visa rules for 6 mainly Muslim nations, refugees, The Associated Press

Hobby Lobby Agrees to Forfeit 5,500 Artifacts Smuggled Out of Iraq, The New York Times

Government & Military Personnel

State Department Workers Cite Numerous Concerns in Survey, The Wall Street Journal

The President’s Budget and Your Benefits, Government Executive

Doubt That Feds Do Great Work? Here Is Proof They Do,

After Promising Fixes, National Park Service Faces Renewed Criticisms of Toxic Culture, Government Executive

House lawmakers threaten to block new military transgender rules, Military Times

10 Factors for Successfully Implementing Large Initiatives, Government Executive

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