News You Can Use: 07/25/17

National Security  

The Man McMaster Couldn’t Fire, The Atlantic

Look Out For Falling “Sacks of Drugs” Over the Border Wall, Government Executive

The Dangerous Politicization of the US Military, Defense One

USAID and State: On Marrying Bears and Frogs, Real Clear Defense

How ISIS nearly stumbled on the ingredients for a dirty bomb, The Washington Post

Immigration agency wants to blend data science, agile and security, Nextgov

The Myth of ISIS’s Strategic Brilliance, The Atlantic

Trump’s Special Ops Pick Says Terror Drones Might Soon Reach the US from Africa. How Worried Should We Be?, Defense One

Trump’s new team offers muddled messages on sanctions, pardons, The Washington Post

Angry former spy chiefs, anxiety, and discord over Trump at a security forum, The New Yorker

5 states sign up for national public safety network, Nextgov

Let the US Air Force Mature into the Space Force, Defense One

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria a move sought by Moscow, The Washington Post

The Trump White House’s War Within, Politico


Hospitals Face Growing Cybersecurity Threats, NPR

3 ways to enhance the cybersecurity executive order, Nextgov

NSA director: ‘Now is probably not the best time’ for US-Russia cyber unit, CNN

A modest step forward on cyber policy with DHS bill passage in the House, Washington Examiner

DHS to pitch on cybersecurity for Olympic games, Nextgov

State Dept Will Still Run Int’l Cyber Policy, Even If It Closes Cyber Office, Defense One

Hackers can take over iPhones, steal cyptocurrency funding and find Dow Jones data, Nextgov

Why We Should Let Young People Enlist in a Year of Cyber Service, Fortune

Public Health

What to expect when you’re expecting a reconciliation bill, Brookings

Flurry of Laws Enacted on Women’s Access to Health Care, Route Fifty

More U.S. Veterans Are Getting Hospice Care, Government Executive

Student Athletes Who Specialize Early Are Injured More Often, Study Finds, NPR

Education At Home & Abroad

Teachers’ salaries: Too many bucks for the bang?, Brookings

Building better preschools—but for which kids?, Brookings

Some schools much better than others at closing achievement gaps between their advantaged and disadvantaged students, Brookings

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Crisis in Caracas, unrest in Venezuela, Brookings

The Human Toll of Yemen’s Unending War, Foreign Policy

Congolese Warlord Wanted for Mass Rape Surrenders, Human Rights Watch

Six steps to start changing how Africa does development, Brookings

France: Police Attacking Migrants in Calais, Human Rights Watch

Oppression of Muslim minority continues in Myanmar, Nikkei Asian Review

Government & Military Personnel

Annual Defense Bill Aims to Rein in Pentagon Outsourcing, Government Executive

Why Trump Probably Hasn’t Spooked the Justice Department, The Atlantic

The Agencies Where Trump Can Most Easily Shift Contracting Priorities, Government Executive

GSA Secures Discounted Airfares for Federal Travelers, Government Executive

Fedstival, Government Executive

Why Warmth Is the Underappreciated Skill Leaders Need, Government Executive

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