News You Can Use: 08/01/17

National Security  

Border state lawmakers propose a ‘smart’ wall, Nextgov

Researcher: Metadata the ‘most potent weapon’ against critical infrastructure security, C4ISR Net

Can John Kelly Stop the Chaos Inside Trump’s West Wing?, The Atlantic

Pentagon Tightens Rules After Fake Cops Buy $1.2M in Weapons, Defense One

North Korea fires another missile, its latest step toward putting the U.S. within reach, The Washington Post

US House approves security spending bill with $1.6B for Trump border wall, Defense News

Trump to Revive Push on Immigration Crackdown on Long Island Trip, The New York Times

US Air Force Wants Robots Watching Twitter, Defense One

ISIS Claims Attack on U.S.-Backed Troops in Syria, The Atlantic

McMaster Fires Iran Hawk From NSC, Foreign Policy

Russian official vows ‘retaliation’ for more sanctions, Politico

How Mexican Cartels Prey on Chicago’s Chaos, Daily Beast

Flow of Foreign Fighters to ISIS Stopped, Trump Tactics Working, McGurk Says, Defense One

See you in September: McCain’s health, Paul’s protest delay NDAA, Defense News

Top 10 Signs of Creeping Authoritarianism, Revisited, Foreign Policy


U.S. embassies are vulnerable to digital snooping, watchdog finds, Nextgov

The Iranian Cyberthreat is Real, Foreign Policy

Cyber security not a priority for most sectors, study finds, Computer Weekly

What’s the difference between cyber and IT?, C4ISR Net

Flush times for hackers in booming cyber security job market, Reuters

Which Cyberattacks Should the United States Deter, and How?, Defense One

Fighting Cyberattacks With Volunteers, Route Fifty

Here’s how the Air Force is fighting in the cyber domain, C4ISR Net

Public Health

Republicans learn the limits of reconciliation with failed ACA repeal, Brookings

‘Social Camouflage’ May Lead To Underdiagnosis Of Autism In Girls, NPR

Nicaragua: Abortion Ban Threatens Health and Lives, Human Rights Watch

The US military indeed spends a lot on Viagra—because it helps veterans with PTSD, Quartz

Sperm Counts Plummet In Western Men, Study Finds, NPR

Education At Home & Abroad

Chronic absenteeism: An old problem in search of new answers, Brookings

Education Department Cannot Elaborate on Trump’s Donation, Government Executive

Supporting post-9/11 military veterans in higher education, Military Times

How girls’ education intersects with Maasai culture in Kenya, Brookings

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

What “America First” means for US foreign aid, Brookings

Venezuela: Ban on protests lays groundwork for mass human rights violations, Amnesty International

Spain: Migrants Held in Poor Conditions, Human Rights Watch

Trump’s views on policing flout rule of law and endanger both civilians and law enforcement, Amnesty International

Government & Military Personnel

Transitioning from war to workforce under the new ‘Forever’ GI Bill, Brookings

Ten Republicans Urge Oversight Committee Chair Not to Cut Retirement Benefits for Feds, Government Executive

Senate Democrats Join Din of Retirement Cut Opposition, Government Executive

New bill would help feds victimized by data breaches, Nextgov

Thinking About Getting Out of Government? Here’s What You Need to Know, Government Executive

Republicans Take First Shots at Slashing Individual Federal Employees’ Salaries, Government Executive

FEMA to Standardize Misconduct Policies for Temporary Relief Workers, Government Executive

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