News You Can Use: 08/10/16

National Security

U.S. Special Operations troops aiding Libyan forces in major battle against Islamic State, The Washington Post

Report offers details about Guantanamo detainees on way out, Associated Press

Donald Trump brushes off the concerns of 50 national security experts, The Week

Who Wants To Replace U.S.’s Aging Nuclear ICBMs?, Aviation Week Network

The US government will track killings by police for the first time ever, Vice News

Army Chief Goes Silent at ‘Mad Scientist’ Event, DoD Buzz


Iran Improving Cyber Abilities Since Nuclear Deal, Pentagon Says, Bloomberg

We Shouldn’t Destroy Computer Viruses, Time

Air Force awards cybersecurity contract, C4ISR Net

Defense CIO: Cybersecurity Improving But Innovation Lags, National Defense

Public Health

In Miami, Clinton to call on Congress to act on Zika virus, U.S. News

Two years ago, Ebola became a public health emergency. Here are 5 lessons for fighting Zika, The Washington Post

Florida says four new locally transmitted Zika cases, Congress must act on funds, Reuters

Warming seas could lead to an ‘unprecedented’ rise in cholera infections, Vice News

Zika Travel Advisory Could Harm Tax Collections in Miami, Route Fifty

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

UN Aid in Syria Held up by Security Concerns, ABC News

Ethiopia’s regime has killed hundreds. Why is the West still giving it aid?, The Washington Post

MSF Says a Hospital It Supports in Syria Bombed, 13 Killed, ABC News

Former ICC chief prosecutor says Yezidi Genocide must be recognised, Rudaw

As Peace Talks in Yemen Crumble, Civilians End Up in Cross Hairs Again, The New York Times

Government & Military Personnel

Social Security Warns of Furloughs, Service Cuts if Congress Enacts Proposed Funding, Government Executive

Fight Over Lucrative TRICARE Contracts Won’t Affect Beneficiaries, Defense Says, Government Executive

Education Needed to Grow Impact Investing, Study Finds, Philanthropy News Digest

Can Self-Managed Teams Work in Government?, Government Executive

Coup in Turkey

Turkish military officer seeking asylum in United States – U.S. officials, Reuters

Putin and Erdogan Vow to Repair Ties as West Watches Nervously, The New York Times

Turkey’s Failed Coup Leaves Military Weakened, Defense News

Edogan Allies Accuse Leading Washington Think Tank of Orchestrating Coup, Foreign Policy


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