News You Can Use: 08/10/18

National Security

Defense Department wants out of stability operations, The Hill

Smartphone Voting Is Happening, But No One Knows If It’s Safe, Wired

Investing in understanding cities is investing in national security, The Hill

As Russians hack the US grid, a look at what’s needed to protect it, Fifth Domain

Pentagon lays groundwork for Space Force to blast off in 2020, Defense News

Think Space Force is a joke? Here are four major space threats to take seriously, Defense News

And after the Space Force, a Subterranean Force?, Fifth Domain

Save the U.S. Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute: An Open Letter, War on the Rocks

School-Security Companies Are Thriving in the Era of Mass Shootings, The Atlantic

Sentencing date set for Air Force veteran who leaked secrets, The Associated Press

Hurricane Season Likely to Be Less Active, Forecasters Say, Route Fifty

Email exposes Kavanaugh to questions about role in terrorism response, Politico


How hackers can defeat cyber deception methods, Fifth Domain

History’s Lesson Regarding Russian Cyber Warfare, The Cipher Brief

How long is too long for a cyber operation? NSA has an idea, Fifth Domain

The case for humanitarian cyber operations, Fifth Domain

FCC lied to Congress about made-up DDoS attack, investigation found, ARS Technica

Read what Mattis said about election security and offensive cyber, Fifth Domain

Public Health

Trump Administration To Overhaul A Program Designed To Save Medicare Money, NPR

It’s time to give managers basic training in mental health, Quartz

Breaking Down Opioid Deaths by Occupation, Route Fifty

Families Choose Empathy Over ‘Tough Love’ To Rescue Loved Ones From Opioids, NPR

Sending Letters About Their Patients’ Overdoses Changes Doctors’ Prescribing Habits, NPR

Trump’s Health Care Rules a Prescription for Disaster, The Advocate

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

South Sudan: No Amnesty for War Crimes, Human Rights Watch

The Job of Human Rights Chief Isn’t What You Think, Foreign Policy

Showing Solidarity in Moscow, in a Chechen Courtroom, and Everywhere, Human Rights Watch

Tension Escalates After Canada Criticizes Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record, NPR

Government & Military Personnel

Retired, But Still Working, Government Executive

For the first time, domestic violence will be a crime under military law, Military Times

Senate Approves Spending Package With Pay Raise, Setting Up Fight With House, Government Executive

Going to a job fair? This is what you should expect to get out of it., Military Times

Largest Federal Employee Union Files Grievance Against VA, Government Executive

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