News You Can Use: 08/21/18

National Security

The U.S. Is Developing a New Way to Weaken Iran, The Atlantic

Better Wargaming Is Helping the US Military Navigate a Turbulent Era, Defense One

The US is worried that a Russian satellite is really a weapon, Quartz

Trump adviser: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran could meddle in US midterms, ABC

China is hacking the same countries it trades with, Fifth Domain

Are ‘body counts’ really the right measure of success or failure in the fight against ISIS?, Lawfire

More former national security officials join outcry over security clearances, The Hill

Trump’s Risky War of Choice Against the Generals, The Atlantic

Meet Jim Jeffrey, a great pick to lead US strategy on Syria, The Washington Examiner

Forest Service to Work More Closely With States to Battle Wildfires, Route Fifty


Why you should follow the 1-10-60 rule of cybersecurity, Fifth Domain

Here are the intelligence community’s top 6 priorities, C4ISR Net

DHS Asks Industry’s Help in Major Supply Chain Security Upgrade, Nextgov

Trump appointee recommends NSA, Cyber Command remain under same leader, The Hill

Joint Task Force ARES and Operation GLOWING SYMPHONY: Cyber Command’s Internet War Against ISIL, National Security Archive

Trump has scrapped a 2012 policy on when to attack in cyberspace, Fifth Domain

Public Health

Feds Urge States To Encourage Cheaper Health Plans Off Insurance Exchanges, NPR

Why Will We See More Measles? Public Health Can Answer, Forbes

With Scarce Access To Interpreters, Immigrants Struggle To Understand Doctors’ Orders, NPR

Newest form of CRISPR corrects genetic disease in viable human embryos, with few errors, Stat

NYU Medical School Plans Free Tuition For Those Studying To Be Doctors, NPR

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Iraq: Chilling Accounts of Torture, Deaths, Deaths, Human Rights Watch

Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the US, CNN

If the US doesn’t lead on foreign assistance, who will?, Brookings

Police Killings are Out of Control in Rio de Janeiro, Human Rights Watch

U.S. Navy hospital ship to comfort Venezuelan migrants, Miami Herald

Government & Military Personnel

The Federal Workforce is Shrinking—Let Technology Help, Nextgov

Artificial Intelligence May Help Match Veterans with Civilian Jobs, Roll Call

Military Faces a Sweeping Turnover Among Upper Commanders, The Wall Street Journal

Many Don’t See Women As Leaders At Work, Government Executive

Why the FBI Fired an Agent Who Wrote Anti-Trump Texts, The Atlantic

Feds indict three more in ongoing ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal, Navy Times

Why we should train workers like we train machine learning algorithms, Brookings

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