News You Can Use: 09/11/18

National Security

Have US counterterrorism efforts improved since 9/11?, Brookings

Election Officials Tout 2018 Security Coordination as ‘Miles’ Ahead of 2016, Route Fifty

Republicans Balk at Democrats’ Pledge to Snub Hackers, The Atlantic

U.S. military drawing up options should Syria use chemical weapons, Reuters

Want to improve relations with Russia? Here’s a START, Brookings

Why supply chain threats require a whole-of-government response, Federal Times

Top Intel Dem Mark Warner: New York Times anonymous op-ed writer not a national security risk, Washington Examiner

White House chaos is having an impact on the ground in Syria, and beyond, Quartz

Experts: A separate military service for space may be too much too soon, Space News

The Weaponization of Everything, Defense One

Chris Wray: US ‘safer’ and better equipped to handle terror threats than in 2001, Washington Examiner

Why DHS needs better mobile security than other agencies, Fifth Domain

North Korea is still making nukes, and the Trump admin is taking a harder line, NBC

Debunking the Myths About the 9/11 Attack on the Pentagon, Popular Mechanics

Reagan National Airport to debut facial scanning technology, Washington Examiner


U.S. charges North Korean hacker in Sony, WannaCry cyberattacks, Reuters

As Kaspersky Deadline Approaches, Fears Loom That Contractors Aren’t Prepared, Nextgov

Malware may ‘hear’ your smartphone passcode one day, Fifth Domain

The House is Shuttling Through Tech and Cyber Bills but the Senate’s Behind, Nextgov

What Do the Trump Administration’s Changes to PPD-20 Mean for U.S. Offensive Cyber Operations?, Council on Foreign Relations

The Trump administration hopes to change the ‘entire ecosystem’ of cybersecurity norms, Fifth Domain

GAO: ‘Urgent Action’ Needed to Address Nation’s Cyber Challenges, Nextgov

Cybersecurity Background Key for New Information Officer at GPO, Roll Call

North Korean hackers’ evolution on display in US case, Nikkei Asian Review

Cyber Command partners for a cyber prototyping environment, Fifth Domain

Refining the Defense Department’s cyberwarrior ‘carrier’, Fifth Domain

Public Health

Infectious Theory Of Alzheimer’s Disease Draws Fresh Interest, NPR

VA Study Will Compare Effectiveness of Two Leading PTSD Treatments,

Thousands Fail to Meet New Medicaid Work Mandates in Arkansas, Route Fifty

Chart: The U.S. opioid crisis is holding back certain states, Yahoo

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Burundi under fire at U.N. for expelling U.N. human rights team, Reuters

Saudi Arabia: Free Right-to-Drive Activists, Human Rights Watch

Russia Can Stop a Slaughter in Idlib, The Atlantic

U.S. Says Syria Plans Gas Attack in Rebel Stronghold, The Wall Street Journal

UN Human Rights chief condemns Egypt’s mass trials in maiden speech, France 24

Government & Military Personnel

Why My Generation Isn’t Serving in Government, Government Executive

UCMJ crackdown: Why Mattis thinks commanders have gone soft on misconduct, Military Times

How Senior Executives and Good Government Groups Would Like to Reshape the SES, Government Executive

The Pentagon is easing its controversial new GI Bill restrictions — but only for some troops, Military Times

Conference Committee Make-Up Could Favor Giving Feds a Pay Raise in 2019, Government Executive

Trump Administration Fights for Federal Retirees at Supreme Court, Government Executive

‘Tax Reform 2.0’ Would Permanently Curtail State and Local Deduction, Route Fifty

IRS’ New Private Debt Collection Program Is Off to a Terrible Start, IG Says, Government Executive

Workers with low levels of education still haven’t recovered from the Great Recession, Brookings

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