News You Can Use: 09/14/16

National Security

Terrorist threat hasn’t abated 15 years after 9/11, top Army general says, Air Force Times

Fueling terror: The dangers of ransom payments to Iran, Brookings

‘Security incident’ puts US Embassy, NATO base in Kabul on brief lockdown, Stars and Stripes

911: Do We Need A Director of National Intelligence?, Breaking Defense

Why an attack like 9/11 is much less likely today than it was in 2001, Vox

In a Shift, U.S. Includes Families in Hostage Rescue Efforts, The New York Times

No, Clinton and Trump Do Not Receive the Same Daily Intel Briefing Obama Receives, Government Executive

Punished U.S. Navy Officer Believes He Prevented a War With Iran, Foreign Policy

U.S. Intel Chief: Climate Change Is Adding Fuel to the World’s Extremist Fires, Government Executive


Obama to be urged to split cyberwar command from NSA, The Washington Post

U.S.-Gulf cyber working group formed at Dubai forum, Federal Times

How the US responds to cyber incidents, C4ISR Net

CIA Director John Brennan warns of Russian hacking, McClatchy DC

Public Health

Continuing 9/11 Legacy: Lung Disease, Cancer, Mental Health Conditions, and Other Diseases, Forbes

Expert: Greatest challenge in PTSD recovery is completing therapy, Stars and Stripes

Zika Exploded While Congress Went on Vacation, The Daily Beast

Screening Mental Health In Kindergarten Is Way Too Late, Experts Say, NPR

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Even Amid Cease-Fire Countdown, Syria’s Conflicts Deepen, The New York Times

Edward Snowden: ACLU and Amnesty seek presidential pardon, BBC

South Sudan Leaders Amass Great Wealth as Nation Suffers, Report Says, The New York Times

Government & Military Personnel

The U.S. military has a huge problem with obesity and it’s only getting worse, Military Times

FOIA Litigation Is Rising, and the Cost Is Unclear, Government Exective

Split the difference in Congress’s defense-budget fight, Brookings

Time for a new approach to sexual harassment, assault in the military, Air Force Times

Want to apply for a job with the government? USAJobs overhaul seeks to make it easier., The Washington Post


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