News You Can Use: 09/19/17

National Security  

Crafting Trump’s first National Security Strategy: What it could be—and why it might not matter anyway, Brookings

North Korea Launches Another Missile, Escalating Crisis, The New York Times

No, We Cannot Shoot Down North Korea’s Missiles, Defense One

NDAA Heads To Floor And Kaspersky Heads To Washington, Nextgov

At US Nuclear Weapons Base, Mattis Signals Support for Triad, Defense One

No, the Government Doesn’t Have a Problem With Murderers Getting Security Clearances, Government Executive

H.R. McMaster says White House is ‘looking at’ stricter travel ban after London terrorist attack, Washington Examiner

Two-thirds of Trump supporters want Dreamers to stay in U.S., Brookings

Preventing terrorism: What powers do German security forces have?, Deutsche Welle

How Castro responded when US diplomats suddenly got sick, Associated Press

How Black-Market Tobacco Funds the World’s Bad Actors, Defense One

US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel, Defense News


House Foreign Affairs Leaders Push To Save State Cyber Office, Nextgov

Cyber is being normalized with traditional military operations, Fifth Domain

Future US Navy Accident Investigations Will Look for Cyber Attacks, Defense One

How To Prepare For More Attacks From Leaked NSA Tools, Nextgov

House bill would strengthen election cybersecurity, auditing, Fifth Domain

State and Local Governments’ Shared Cyber Defense Is Going to Change. The Question Is How., Route Fifty

Admiral: US tolerated cyber ‘acts of war’ over last decade, Washington Examiner

Public Health

The Problem With Free Menstrual Pads, NPR

$144.1 Million in New Federal Grants Announced to Help Fight Opioid Crisis, Route Fifty

A better approach to regulating provider network adequacy, Brookings

Why the Unpopular Individual Mandate Is Likely to Endure (For Now), Route Fifty

VA’s suicide prevention hotline expanding to third site, Military Times

As Federal Government Cuts Obamacare Ads, Private Insurer Steps Up, NPR

Education At Home & Abroad

Summer learning loss: What is it, and what can we do about it?, Brookings

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Divisive Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill Gets Senate Hearing, Nextgov

Yemen’s Children Are Being Shelled While the World Sits Back, Human Rights Watch

Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown will be deadly, USA Today

Deaths and Damage in Hurricane-Affected US Nursing Facilities, Human Rights Watch

North Korean Refugees Trapped by China’s Expanding Dragnet, News Deeply

Rescuing Migrants From a Couch in Galicia, Foreign Policy

Government & Military Personnel

Potential Benefits Cuts: Where Things Stand, Government Executive

DHS Seeks Volunteers From Other Agencies to Join Hurricane Relief Surge Force, Government Executive

Lawmakers Work Across the Aisle to Propose Compensation Boost for 15,000 Feds, Government Executive

Full-Year Continuing Resolution Would Trigger Sequester, Budget Office Says, Government Executive

Diplomats Cheer State Dept. Spending Bill That Rejects Trump Cuts, Government Executive

The silent killer of workplace happiness, productivity, and health is a lack of basic civility, Quartz

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