News You Can Use: 09/21/18

National Security

DHS Needs More Data to Help Stop Bioterrorism, Nextgov

FBI, DOJ said to plan redactions despite Trump’s document order, Stars and Stripes

State Dept: Worldwide terrorist attacks decreased by 23 percent in 2017, The Hill

U.S. To Go on Offense in Cyberspace, Bolton Says, Nextgov

National security negligence needs to end, The Hill

When strongmen fight: The US and Turkey need diplomats to resolve their leaders’ dispute, Brookings

Ex-CIA analyst: Trump order on Russia documents abuses power, risks national security, USA Today

Mitigating Flood Impacts With Resiliency Parks, Route Fifty

Time for Peace Talks With ISIS and Al Qaeda?, Foreign Policy

Pentagon Races to Empty Its Coffers by Month’s End, Defense One

Federal and state financial regulatory agencies issue interagency disaster relief guidance for institutions affected by Hurricane Florence, Lexology


DoD releases first new cyber strategy in three years, Fifth Domain

Defending Forward: The 2018 Cyber Strategy is Here, War on the Rocks

Watchdog worries Trump’s cyber strategy is not cohesive, Fifth Domain

Trump’s new strategy calls for more cyberattacks, Fifth Domain

Company That Pushed Hackers Out of DNC Now Protecting Government Systems, Nextgov

Shanahan: cybersecurity will become new measure for industry, Fifth Domain

Public Health

Puerto Rico’s Tap Water Often Goes Untested, Raising Fears About Lead Contamination, NPR

43 years after the Vietnam war, many Navy veterans are still battling for benefits for potential Agent Orange exposure, Business Insider

Predicting Obesity From a City’s Infrastructure, Route Fifty

Parents Are Leery Of Schools Requiring ‘Mental Health’ Disclosures By Students, NPR

HHS lacks standardized framework for interagency data sharing, Health Data Management

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

China’s long game on human rights at the United Nations, Brookings

U.N. Calls for Genocide Charges Against Leaders of Myanmar’s Military, The Wall Street Journal

How many people will the world leave behind?, Brookings

Drop in Mexican-Born Immigrants Attributed to Hostility Here, Opportunity There, Route Fifty

Which places made progress against poverty in 2017?, Brookings

Justice Department Inspector General to Investigate DEA Program Linked to Massacres in Mexico, ProPublica

U.N. Report Condemns Burma for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Democracy Now!

Government & Military Personnel

The Army is trying to find criminal conduct among immigrant recruits, email shows, The Washington Post

The Fake News Era Demands Ethics in Government Communication, Government Executive

Report ranking military installations for sex assault risk delayed, Military Times

Federal Science Agencies Launch New Policies to Root Out ‘Pervasive Culture of Sexual Harassment’, Government Executive

Numbers game: How the Air Force is following the Army and Navy’s bad example, Defense News

Changes to the TSP, the Latest on a Pay Raise, and More, Government Executive

Best Dates to Retire 2019, Government Executive

The Army in Europe is lifting some restrictions on housing allowances. But Big Army might add new ones., Stars and Stripes

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