News You Can Use: 10/06/17

National Security  

DHS forms election security task force, Nextgov

Trump to Chart Hawkish Course on Iran, Foreign Policy

Las Vegas shooting motive remains elusive as new details emerge about attack, The Washington Post

The Folly of Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Defense One

Recent foreign-born growth counters Trump’s immigration stereotypes, Brookings

‘A significantly weaker America’: Major study warns of eroding US military, Defense News

Defense tries to cast doubt on case against Benghazi suspect, Associated Press

The US Will Be Dropping A Lot More Bombs on Afghanistan, Defense One

US orders 15 Cuban diplomats to leave in response to ‘health attacks’, Associated Press

Donald Trump Threatened North Korea After Completely Imaginary Negotiations, Foreign Policy

Preparing for a domestic terror attack, Good4Utah

Senators: Probe into possible Trump-Russia collusion ongoing, Military Times

Treat Puerto Rico hurricane like rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan, Brookings


Integrating conventional and cyber weapons, Fifth Domain

White House cyber coordinator wants Social Security number alternative, Federal Times

US senator seeks cyber info from voting machine makers, Fifth Domain

Skill 61: Elude ransomware attacks, Fifth Domain

The U.S. Navy must shore up its cyber defenses, Fifth Domain

Public Health

FDA’s Approval Of A Cheaper Drug For Hepatitis C Will Likely Expand Treatment, NPR

How the VA Is Blocking Marijuana Research Veterans Say Could Save Lives, Government Executive

Days After Funding Lapsed, Congress Turns to CHIP Reauthorization, Route Fifty

Parents Lobby States To Expand Newborn Screening Test For Rare Brain Disorder, NPR

Education At Home & Abroad

Want Change In Education? Look Beyond The Usual Suspects (Like Finland), NPR

Trump taps Common Core foe as No. 2 at Education Department — but most key positions still vacant, The Washington Post

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

Burma: Military Massacres Dozens in Rohingya Village, Human Rights Watch

While the world sleeps, Myanmar burns, Brookings

Former lawmaker says anti-sex trafficking bill too narrow, could ‘sow chaos’, Nextgov

Putin’s Next Target Is Russia’s Abortion Culture, Foreign Policy

Sarin used in Syria 5 days before Khan Sheikhun: OPCW, France24

Government & Military Personnel

Feds Will Pay 6.1 Percent More Toward Health Insurance Premiums in 2018, Government Executive

Senate Panel Approves 60% Increase in Buyout Payments for Feds, Government Executive

House Approves Budget Plan that Would Cut Federal Employee Benefits, Government Executive

Should political appointees be barred from career jobs?,

The Department of Justice Takes a Stand Against Transgender Rights in the Workplace, The Atlantic

More Help for Feds Affected by Hurricanes and More Flexibility for Those Who Want to Volunteer, Government Executive

Here’s the leaked anti-leak training email sent to DOE staff, Wired

‘Risk Is Shifting’ for State and Local Employees Planning for Retirement, Government Executive

Reforms Allowing Agencies to Hire Faster Advance Through Senate Panel, Government Executive

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